Currently all signatures are being created by Jetta Windstar, Leathurkatt and Catalyst Spark However some signatures have been or are being done by other non board members. Remember none of these pictures have been resized; they remain in the size they were created and or posted in.

Below is a list of all signatures and who they were created by.

  • Jake McKee; created by Grant Toghill
    • Jake McKee signature

  • Jake McKee; created by Jetta Windstar
    • JakeSig-TKR1
  • Jetta Windstar; created by Jetta Windstar
    • Cira Knight Signature

  • Catalyst Spark; created by Catalyst Spark
    • Catalyst Spark Signature

  • Kane Aries; created by Leathurkatt
    • Kane Aries Signature
  • Tundra; created by Unknown
    • Tundra's Signature

  • Victoria Marcus; created by Catalyst Spark
    • Victoria Marcus Signature
  • Michael Traceur Knight; created by Leathurkatt
    • Mike Knight's Signature
  • Helios; created by Jetta Windstar
    • HeliosSig
  • G8155 Interceptor; created by Jetta Windstar
    • G8155 Interceptor Current Sig 1
  • Leathurkatt; created by Leathurkatt
    • Katttkrsig
  • Paul Collins; created by Jetta Windstar
    • PaulCollinsTKRsig(1)
  • Kitt; created by Jetta Windstar
    • KI3TTKRsig-text
  • Shadow Hawk; created by Jetta Windstar
    • ShadowHawkSig
  • A.L.I.C.E. created by Catalyst Spark
    • ALICE sig by Catalyst Spark
  • Billy Morgan; created by Jetta Windstar
    • BillyMorganSig1


Currently all logos have been created by Catalyst Spark

  • TKR TNG rough draft logo
    • TKRdraft2
  • TKR Final logo
    • KnightTitleCard
  • The Order logo; created by Catalyst Spark
    • Thorderdraft2pngtext

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